Sharp dressed man…

Mr. Gypsy cleans up mighty fine when he pulls out his suit.  (This was us at his brothers wedding two Septembers ago)  OK I’m DEF BIAS, 😉 but he wears one quite often traveling with his job.  Lucky for me…..and all those airport people watchers around America! 😉 HA!   

Even though my southern drink of water is a tall one at 6’7”.  I still didn’t think there would be any problem finding him and his groomsmen a lightweight, light colored suit to rent for our September wedding. 

I mean, come on, Pinterest is flooded with plenty of good-looking grooms in good-looking suits.  I JUST LOVE the vest look!!

Not to mention Bradley Cooper can make anything look goooood!  You’re welcome Bridal Belles! HA!

Come to find out I was very WRONG! 🙂 It’s actually very hard to rent a suit.  Especially a light colored one.  Black tuxes NO PROBLEM, but this was going to be outside – in September – and Mr. Gypsy and I both agreed it wasn’t that formal of an atmosphere for a tux. 

During our hunt for the perfect suit we found out that it’s more economical for the boys to BUY their suits.  This is an odd predicament.  I see the scene from 27 Dresses flash before me where the bride SWEARS to the bridesmaids, “You’ll even be able to wear it again.”  Ugh! Is this really happening? HAHA!

Lucky for us most of the boys in the wedding were game since they have to wear them too and the ones who don’t said it wasn’t a bad idea to always have a suit on hand!  Such TEAM GROOM players those boys are…..I can see how they are Mr. Gypsies right hand guys!     

We settled on a dark sand colored suit with Malibu blue paisley ties to match the girls dresses.  (Kind of like the photo above-These are even our wedding colors: Orange and Aqua with pops of Pink)  Cowboys boots or whatever the guys have on hand will be the shoes for the day and WHALA……we’ve got us some sharp dressed men!!

Another interesting thing I discovered when on this adventure was that again its obvious men and women approach dress differently because the time line for a groom’s attire is much shorter than for us women.  About 2-3 months prior to the wedding is still considered an early time line.  After we got the sizes in we’re just waiting for them to arrive and the boys to go get them tailored.  When the alterations are complete they will get a phone call and whala they will be out the door with their new suit in hand.

Bridal Belles what was your experience with the groom and groomsmen attire?  Are you renting or buying?  Shopping local or chain stores?  Let me hear about your experience! 🙂

Sparkle and Spur

Miss Gypsy


Let us eat cake…

I LOVE CAKE!  Just thinking about good ole’ plain vanilla cake with butter cream icing has my mouth watering!  I couldn’t wait for this wedding task.  Mr. Gypsy was sad he was on the road with work when this vendor meeting came up.  He likes cake too!

Doing a little wedding cake research I’d been seeing everything from 9-tiered wedding cakes, cupcakes, cake balls and even candy bars standing in for the wedding cake.  I chose to go with something a little simpler for our wedding cake and I chose DC Cake Appeal  in Shawnee, Oklahoma to do it because they are who we religiously use with other events.  They are creative, professional and have never done anything but an exceptional job on anything we’ve asked them to do.

I’d been thinking about tasting the cake so much I almost forgot about what I wanted it to look like.  Ever since I saw this beautiful butterfly cake on the front of a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine I couldn’t get it out of my mind. (Although Mr. G is easy to please…he did give his thoughts on that it was a little girly and I did take it into consideration) 🙂

I knew we didn’t want something too huge or obnoxious.  I just didn’t think it would look right with our vintage-chic atmosphere and neither one of us care too much for the way fondant tastes (although it looks SO pretty) so I was leaning towards something that looked a little more like my Mam-maw had hand frosted it.

I also knew that I wanted something OUTSTANDING for my baseball umpire groom cake!!  I’m going to let them handle this one for a super secret surprise!  I did just have one request -these CUTE baseball strawberries. 🙂

BUT being as this wedding already has had quite a few nontraditional touches I’m skipping the cake topper for the wedding cake and having one made for the grooms cake instead. 

What says baseball more than custom bobble head cake toppers from!!!  I know right?  I couldn’t resist.  Thanks to a I was able to get one made for a steal.  They’re eerily similar to us don’t you think?  Haha! TOO FUN!  Mr. Gypsy is going to die.    

(Just so there is no confusion…no Mr. Gypsy doesn’t play the guitar…that’s the closest umpire body I could get on….with a little crafty-ness….I have now transformed the stand-in guitar player for my MLB umpire holding a suitcase not a guitar! WHALA!) 🙂

(I even made a little home plate and painted on a pair of cowgirl boots for my bobble head) 🙂

After meeting with Dave and Owen and looking at a couple of pictures on my IPad, they took some time to feel out my vision, and I could see their wheels spinning.  To feed about 300 people cake….turns out to be a lot of cake and also leads to lots of layers!  I really only wanted about a three tiered wedding cake.  (Which makes it really only two layers of butter creamed heaven since the tradition of the bride and groom keeping the top layer and freezing it for their first wedding anniversary is something we are going to do.)

I suggested having good ole sheet cake in the back, cutting it up and serving it for the rest of the guests to have cake….. but again DC CAKE to the rescue!  Their suggestion……..instead of 2 sheet cakes hiding in the back, they suggested 20 6 inch round cakes for a cake bar or to set around on the individual tables.  Definitely more work for them but it was going to save me money!!!  They’re brilliant and the individual cake rounds will be SO cute!  A photographers dream….CAKE BAR! YUMMY!

I settled on good ole’ plain vanilla with a butter cream frosting for the main wedding cake, hand frosted and decorated with fresh flowers and maybe one or two butterflies.  Not the whole swarm.  🙂

I chose a variety of Lemon, Red Velvet, Strawberry, Butter Pecan and Chocolate with ivory and cheese cream butter creamed frosting for the 20 individual rounds.  I’ve been busy gathering up mix-matchy cake stands to display them on.  Or maybe trying to DIY them like these found here by junebug weddings blog.  (So creative)


I even went as far as to find the cutest little personalized forks on from the Wooden Hive.  I just couldn’t resist! 🙂

If marriage is as sweet as our DC Cake Appeal wedding cake treats will be……then let us all eat cake!! 🙂 

Southern Bridal Belles what’s your favorite kind of cake?  Are you going with something classic or different for your sweet treats? 

Sparkle and Spur

Miss Gypsy

Giddy-up Glitter Gals and a Ball Boy…

Being an only child, I vividly remember the magical day I got asked to be the flower girl with my favorite cousin for my older cousins wedding! 🙂  I felt SO special getting all dressed up and my hair curled.

I knew that I wanted to give my flower girls the same experience.  Visions of tutu’s, wings and boots, OH MY, we’re dancing all around in my head.  Isn’t this adorable?

First we had to narrow the selection down before I got too crazy with my dreaming.  Lucky for us we have a lot of special little ones in our life.  If I could have, I would have had ten Glitter Gals to dance, twirl and throw glitter all down the isle.  TOO MUCH FUN!

I settled on four “Glitter Gals” and a ball boy to be a part of our special day.

I knew that my “flower girls” couldn’t be traditional in that their little Rodeo Princes attitudes that make them all one-of-a-kind so I searched out the perfect lil “Giddy-up Cowgirl Glitter Gal” ensemble (Thank you for being my go-to place for unique finds) and it’s going to look a little something like this………

Tutu’s by DreamSpunKids in Orange and Pink for my Glitter Gals

Matching Boot Topper Ruffles?!? By DreamSpunKids….YES! TOO CUTE!

Blue Fairy wings to match the bridesmaids dresses found on by A Fairy Princess

Ivory Ruffle shirts found on

Throw it all together with a pair of their own Cowgirl Boots and this whimsical wedding party is complete.  Do they make all this in “big girl” sizes? I LOVE TUTU’S!! haha! 🙂

They’ll have little galvanized buckets of glitter to carry and throw and I just couldn’t pass on one of these cute personalized “Here comes your cowgirl” sign that The Barefoot Seamstress made me via! ADORABLE!


In Rodeo there is always a “pick-up man” to help out the cowboys but at a baseball game they rely heavy on the “ball boys” so Jordan’s cousin will be the perfect pick to stroll down the isle with glove and personalized baseball in hand. 


The “Ball Boy” gift will be his glove that we’re buying him to carry, but I also went as far as to find a personalized baseball on through engravingwiz for him to carry up to Mr. Gypsy and hand him during the ceremony. 

I thought we could keep it and set it on our mantel?  I’ve been all about the personalized touches! 🙂  I’ve also been trying to purchase things that can be placed around our house when we’re all said and done with this wedding. 

These little ones are going to steal the Gypsy Wedding show and I can’t wait!  I hope that they have as much fun being a part of our special day as I have been running around gathering all the stuff up for them.

I HAVE to have a picture with my tutu and wing clad gang all twirling around in our dresses throwing glitter…..I just can’t wait!

Bridal Belles did you go with something traditional for your flower girls?  Did you buy off the rack or do something a little more thrown together?   How many flower girls and ring bearers are you having in your wedding? 

Sparkle and Spur

Miss Gypsy

Setting the Tone…Stationery Style

Oklahoma Bridal Belles,

Did you go for something traditional or a little more non-traditional when it came to your invitations?  Do you think invitations set the tone of your event or something that just gets thrown out? 

I was a weird child – OK, that was maybe no way to SET THE TONE of this blog but hang with me.  My second favorite memory was when Santa found a (soon-to-be-trash) old-school cash register, checks puncher and realms of scrap paper from my Auntie B’s work, and had them all waiting for me under the tree with new school supplies to unwrap. 😉  (My first favorite memory was when Santa brought me Doll, my first horse.) 🙂 

I spent countless hours growing up playing pretend teacher, cash register keeper and bookkeeper.  I grew up doodling my name in different fonts along the margins of my notes.  I got in trouble for having my nose in a book instead of paying attention.  I didn’t ever want to spend hours in the toy stores….but you could always find me amongst the shelves in the bookstore.  Hour long road trips hauling to rodeos meant hours of me pouring over books and magazines in the backseat on the way. 

Even to this day, when I travel to see my umpire, you can bet I’m locked and loaded with garb to read during the whole trip.  (Reading that back over I find myself justifying that maybe I’m not weird just a bit geeky!)  HA! 🙂

I have always LOVED stationery and books.  I LOVE typography, fonts, design, art and graphics.  I love the smell of fresh ink on paper and the way my whole body relaxes when I just think about getting lost in the words of a book.  I work in Public Relations, nowadays I just can’t help it – it’s in my blood.

I still believe there is NOTHING better than receiving a hand written note or card on fine stationery in the mail.  I JUST LOVE THOSE days!  Who doesn’t enjoy opening an invite and see a theme carried out until the end of the party?  Even 1-year-old birthday parties do that for the most part! 😉

So being the stationery lover that I am, it was important for me to set the tone with my invitations.  I wanted something different, unique and let our guest know what they are in for when they think about attending the whimsical wedding of the Gypsies… since there’s been nothing traditional on my agenda up to this point you know where this is going. 

After searching and searching through tons of cute things online.  I was still searching for something that made my heart dance.  I finally came across Lil Duck Duck and fell in LOVE with them!  They had the perfect die-cut design and nailed our invites!  I thought about how gorgeous it will look matted in a frame for a keepsake.



Then it came to the “wording” of the invites.  Who knew there were so many ways to be politically correct with your etiquette?  My mom and I jived on every single detail until it came down to including where we were registered on the initiations……Dun, Dun, DUN!

Her vote was that her friends needed to know where we were registered at and to include it at the bottom.

My vote was I thought it was tacky, rude and looked like we were fishing for gifts…and just for a bonus round 2…I had back up ammunition that if we framed and matted them for displaying we could do without knowing where the registries were at….fingers crossed.  Silence.  We were both standing our ground.  

I wasn’t trying to pull the “polite posies etiquette” card on this country shin-dig BUT I needed to do a little more research on this topic so I went to the web and I found where “polite posies” herself good ole’ Martha Stewart even says, “Don’t Tell Guests Where You’re Registered in Your Invitation.” (found here) …it states: 

“Once you have registered, give the information to immediate family and the wedding party, and let them spread the word. If you are asked where you have registered, it is fine for you to tell, but it is not proper to include registry information in a wedding invitation. Registry information can be included on a wedding website, as long as the actual name of the store is not included on the same layer; organize your website so that guests must click down one level to find the details.” ~In the “The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Registries

Momma Cowgirl still wasn’t convinced.  How would people know if you didn’t include it?  It was a valid question, but that’s why the website was on the invite I told her.  She counter offered that her friends didn’t use the internet like my generation does so they still wouldn’t know.  Next up to bat at the plate Miss. Gypsy……….

I did what any balanced, people-pleasing Libra would do….I compromised and I found the cutest lil addition cards at moo.comI HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK!

These mini cards came with up to 100 different pictures (you choose) on the back.  You could even buy a frame to display them in (see above).  Since no one usually gets to see all the engagment pictures we decided to use all of the different pictures and the same wording on the reverse side that included where we were registered at, the website again and directed them to RSVP or request music. 


I can’t tell you how much I LOVE these mini moo cards.  (SO much so you’ll see them again) 🙂  They’re SO cute and they even come in these cute little heavy-duty box holders that I also LOVE!

Moo I LOVE YOU!! (How VERY exciting, Indeed!) 🙂

Then I decided that the piece just needed something else to make the invitation set all come together.  Since this will be the first wedding at Crossing Heart Ranch I thought it might be smart to include a custom wedding map.  I also thought at first that my little DIY heart would have so much fun doing them myself and out sourcing the printing locally but alas, I realized that I wasn’t going to get it done with my hectic work schedule and did a little more online research. was my lifesaving, budget-conscious saving grace.  Debbie was AMAZING to work with and they couldn’t have matched my invitations any better.  She nailed them!

I found a vintage looking postage label online and took some time on the computer to addresses them, cut them out and bond them on the envelopes.  YES all 350 of them, one at a time! 😉   

With all the pieces in ready to go, it was time to assemble.  With a heart hole-punch. (Yes….you read that right! IT’s ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS) 😉 I punched the mini moo card, stuck the map on top of the invite, wrapped it up with twine and tied a little bow. Whala! 🙂

And who would have thought that I even cared about postage?  But after all the hours of getting these little fellers ready for their big debut I DID care about the stamp and went with the pretty white rose ones that the small downtown post office had on hand. 

(Sidenote to future DIY’ERS:  I had to put 2 stamps on the invitations to cover postage because the little bow knot from the twine made it not slide directly through the standard slot.  Had I know this I would have tied them different and saved a little on the stamps.  Also, ALWAYS have them check one initiation before you send them all out. No bride wants to have all her invitations returned to her because they didn’t have enough postage to get them to your guests.)

Because of this extra one on the outside we skipped the RSVP and directed guest to the web. 🙂

I was SO happy with how the invites turned out!  More important I’m SO happy to have them out. YEEHAW!  We’ve had so many complements on them already.   Having the talents of different vendors all come together individually and do what they do best really helped set the tone of  this Mix Matched wedding all the way to perfection!

Bridal Belles tell me all about your invitations.  Are you going to DIY or have them done?     

Sparkle and Spur

Miss. Gypsy

To DIY Coordinate or Not…..that is the ???

Bridal Belles of Oklahoma,

What do you think about Wedding Coordinators?  Are you thinking about investing in one or going the DIY route? 

This is the question that I never thought about, until my family decided to tackle the venue.  I work in Public Relations.  Why would I pay someone to plan an event that I’ve been looking so forward to planning for so long?  We coordinate events all the time at work so to me this was a no-brainer that I didn’t even balk at. (lil baseball pun for good measure) 😉 hehe!

Then my “planner brain” started (OVER) thinking about the BIG GYPSY DAY and I could feel a little mini flutter of panic bubble up in my throat imagining myself out there on the day of the wedding, in a wedding dress, situating décor and wiping off chairs for guests.  Ohhh BOY! That would just never work would it? There will be no Bridezilla at this wedding shin-dig!

So I went to my sounding board (good ole’ married girlfriends) to see what their words of wisdom were and surprisingly almost every single one of my “DIY lovers” said….. “Save your sanity and hire one….if nothing else for atleast the day-of.” 

They all agreed it would be the best investment of the whole event!  It would take the stress off me and my family and I would be able to enjoy the day with the people I love and the whimsy of the wedding that we’d be planning forever.  They all said to try and cherish every moment of the day because it will be gone in a flash. 

Hmmmmm…..I still wasn’t totally sold.  I’m a pretty hard-headed, stubborn, tight-wad just like my dad (see here) and I thought if I “cowgirl-up” enough it would be OK?!?  Ok, OK aaaannd MAYBE I’m just a little bit of a control freak. 😉 haha! In the sense that my momma raised me with the work ethic that “if you want to job done right you might as well just do it yourself” kinda way that only Cowgirl Mommas know how to do.

But I am always amazed at how things just always seem to fall perfectly into place when the timing is right and you least expect it.  The very next day I happened to be introduced to Bridal Belles magazine and I took this wonderful opportunity to ask someone who knows about weddings what they thought about wedding coordinators?  That’s the day I was introduced to mine. 

She’s an angel and I swear that I could hear her angel friends singing in the background when the words came out of her mouth that said. 

“You do what you’re doing.  Keep booking the vendors that you love.  Buy things you can’t live without.  You obviously have your own mojo going and as a coordinator I will meet with you throughout your planning, offer any advice you solicit and 30 days out I will get all the information from you about your vendors.  After that I will coordinate all the details you have planned with them.  I will be the first one there to help set up, make sure everyone and everything is in place, stay till the end and make sure everyone is gone, paid and the party is picked up.  All you have to do is show up and be the bride.  Worry about getting make-up and hair done.  I even do rehearsal.”       

What?  Coordinators do all that?  I told you she was an angel!  She had me at “all I have to do is show up and be the bride.” 🙂  That sounded awesome to me!  My Cowgirl Momma and I usually get to do all the event planning we can stand through work, committees and non-profit projects we volunteer for.  So the thought of my family and friends all getting to relax together while someone that we TRUSTED set it all up sounded a little strange and WONDERFUL at the same time!! It is like a Wedding Dream come true to this cowgirl!!!

Its Your Event is coordinating our Gypsy wedding and I couldn’t be more happy or RELAXED!  No bridezilla found around here.  I agree with my girlfriends on this one it already is the best investment we made just for peace of mind sake. With the umpire gone and not having much hand in the wedding planning, my family finishing up the venue, my sister headed off to college and my step-dad running for representative in November I’d say there is no more question about coordinating.  I’m leaving this one to the experts and am going to work on learning how to enjoy the day and soak up every second of it!

Some Oklahoma coordinators to look into that can help make your event go off without a hitch are:

Pretty Lovely Events:

Wynnewood Flower Bin: 

Special Events Remembered 

Designs by Kristina:

 Pamela’s Flowers:

 TLC’s Memorable Events & Bakery

Bridal Belles did any of you hire a coordinator for your wedding?  Was it a wise investment?  Let me hear what’s going on with YOUR special wedding. 

Sparkle and Spur

Miss Gypsy

The Venue (Part II)

Welcome to the venue Crossing Hearts Ranch a special place to this bride for many reasons.

A couple of snakes, spiders, critters, poison ivy, sweat, flat tires, droughts, rains, blood…but no tears YET! 🙂

I’ve been dying to share some of these yummy pictures of Oklahoma’s newest venue, Crossing Hearts Ranch.  It is taking form, taking off and getting close to completion!  It’s been nothing short of a blessing to be a part of something first-hand and watch the fruits of labor flourish with budding roses and green sod taking off – especially in this dreadful Oklahoma summer heat. 

It’s been a wonderful experience to be able to work side by side with my family and bring together the talents and trades of our friends to help us with this project.  There is no way in just ONE year we could have pulled this all off without the help of AMAZING and talented people!  But the time has come for the big reveal and I’m SO glad we took a couple of before and after pictures because I forget how far we’ve come.  This place is SO beautiful!  When do Mr. G and I get to move it? 🙂 HA!

The Bridal Suite with the Barn in the background

In one short year my family has managed to take an overgrown farm house and turn it into a magical wonderland of escape.  The yummy sunshine flows perfectly through the trimmed shade trees, the air-conditioning is all set up in the barn and the bridal house (a 60 year old farm-house that we thought we were going to have to tear down) has been refurbished and set up to accommodate a bridal party for getting ready.

Crossing Hearts Ranch Bridal Suite

Under the old blue shag carpet, 60 year old glamour hard wood floors were shined back to life.  I LOVE nothing more than being able to give something old a new life!! 🙂  A fresh coat of paint, a little elbow grease on the cabinets, granite and new fixtures never hurt any old house!

The Barn During Construction

The 4,800 square foot barn is OVER the TOP gorgeous and plenty big enough to host 300 of our family and friends to dance the night away, eat drink and be married!

It’s still a work in progress but the landscaping has helped!

Rolling Pastures


Back View of the Isle and Bridal Suite

Isle View Before and After

The Steps up the Isle during different stages

Unlimited parking CAN be found over the hill in the pasture and it’s so much more than I could have ever imagined it would be.           

I’m excited to be a part of something new, I’m excited to be the first couple married at my families’ new endeavor, but I am really excited to see other brides find just as much delight in the “perfect venue” as I have.  I even dream about my future generations using it.  Welcome to Crossing Hearts Ranch the venue chosen by the Gypises.  It’s the perfect place to start our Happily Ever After…….This bride is feeling overwhelmingly blessed, TOTALLY EXCITED and YES I realize that I have the BEST FAMILY EVER! 😉 This does not escape me…even in all the wedding maddess. 

BB’s… many more days until your wedding.  Have you found your venue yet?   

Sparkle and Spur

Miss Gypsy

The Gypsies Venue (Part I)

We have the date on the calendar.  September 29, 2012.  We sent out postcard save the dates (above) to save on the postage 🙂

We’ll have been engaged for 1.5 years in order for baseball season and my (MOH) sister’s senior year to be complete.  We picked that date based on the research of my mothers calendar in that there were no livestock shows, OSU/OU football games, county fairs, state fairs, anniversaries, birthdays or any other “important” things that might conflict the wedding scheduled. 

(Tip #1 when planning the date:  It’s important for the groom to be able to attend the wedding; Tip #2 ALWAYS check the football schedule in Oklahoma)

So now that we have the when it’s time for the where?

I was never the little girl who envisioned a grand and lavish “fairytale” wedding but if I wasn’t going to be able to run off to the beaches of Greece and get married (I’m the only girl since my mother – I was already told I wasn’t going to get away with eloping!)

I decided that I would make a little “dream list” in my heart for what I envisioned for our Gypsy Wedding in Oklahoma to be.  I wished for it to be outside (in Oklahoma it’s important to have a plan B); inside reception (in Oklahoma it’s important to have air-conditioning) with an intimate feeling for our closest family and friends. 


Should be easy enough to find a place like that right?  This is OKLAHOMA and if you ask me we have some of the prettiest landscapes and rolling pastures around.  Well……in my experience over the last year it has NOT been that easy.  After looking and looking at beautiful venue after venue ALL AROUND THE STATE I just hadn’t settled on anything that felt “right” in my heart for as many as we needed to accommodate.

Some great Oklahoma Venues to check out for your weddings:
Brick Street Event Center:

Buffalo Creek Guest Ranch:

Fossil Creek Ranch:

Lovely Lady Events:

Oak Hills Golf & Country Club:

The Plaza:

Choctaw Casino:

There were many beautiful places but nothing close in location to both our Gypsy families.  I’m from Shawnee, OK and he’s from Enid, OK.  I was also was having a mini anxiety attack with some of the rental fees, stipulations and the small amount of people we were able to accommodate. (Mr. Gypsy comes from a pretty BIG family).

So I laid in bed one night – and I had a brilliant idea.  My family owned plenty of open field pasture that would be FANTASTIC to host a wedding on.  After rounding up the critters on it I thought what a perfect place for unlimited parking over the hill.  We could find a pretty shade tree, set up some chairs and maybe a tent for dancing and WHALAH!  Venue problem solved.  Easy enough huh? 

I went to Momma Cowgirl for the answers and after she helped me look into the tent rentals, reminded me that I had also forgotten to take into account all the table and chair rentals as well… I paniked…a little!  I was feeling disappointed and defeated (not like THIS girl – I usually have a lil more fight in me than that.)

After some time had passed my mom came to me with her vision.  I am a dreamer.  My parents are visionaries.  They had the perfect plan.  She would build a venue and it would be called Crossing Hearts Ranch.  We could get married in the pasture, under the shade trees and they would build a little barn that would be air-conditioned where we could dance the night away.    

I thought my family had lost their minds.  Build an air-conditioned barn for a venue?  That’s ludicrous right?  The groom is gone, they already own three businesses, we’re trying to just plan a wedding, get my sister graduated and off to college and now they wanted to build a venue?  A dream come true for brides all around the state of Oklahoma and a dream come true for this bride-to-be – if we could pull it off!!! 

Crossing Hearts Wedding Isle Under the Shade Trees BEFORE

One of the many “storage sheds” on the place BEFORE

Right off the bat my anxiety of “this is NEVER going to get done” set right in.  My family with sparkles in my moms eyes took me to look at the land where they thought it would be a perfect fit for a Gypsy wedding and it was…..a MESS!  To say the least. 

As she pointed here and there through piles of brush and dead tree limbs she tried to build visions of wedding-ness with her words through the jungle of un-maintenance the property had seen.  It was going to take more than a brush hog to get this place in wedding shape was what I was thinking.  (What a pessimist huh?  I like to think of my self as more of a realists)  😉  

But somewhere in the excitement of her voice and the peaceful atmosphere of being in the middle of a sunset field in no-where Oklahoma it became clear to me that this “venue” had the potential to be magically BREATHTAKING and it was making my country girl heart SING. 

I could feel the flutters of excitement fill up my throat thinking about getting married there.  Thinking about how “right” it felt to start my happily ever after on my parents property and how exciting it will be to be the first couple married there.  Just like I had dreamed……outside under the shade trees with an inside air-conditioned reception and our closest family and friends.  Thanks to my families vision…..we had many miles ahead of us before we could rest.  It was time to “Cowgirl Up” we had a wedding to get ready for! 🙂

To be continued……..

Oklahoma Bridal Belles….Have you chosen your venue?   What was the most important factor in deciding?  Is your event inside or outsides?  Did you have a couple of “dreams” in mind for your venue?  Let me know where you’re getting hitched around the state!!  

Sparkle and Spur

Miss G